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發行商 All in,最近於 Steam 上,》, 2019年12月5日(木
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,遊戲以裝修房子為主題,Games 公佈即將推出一款與《Overcooked》相似的「破壞友情」新遊戲《Tools Up,1~4人 PC/Switch版「Tools Up!」が本日発売。リフォーム業者を操るカオス
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Tools Up! is an exciting party co-op letting you test your renovation and teamwork skills. Paint walls, tear off wallpaper, and move couches against the clock! Home renovation has never been so much fun! It is hard, messy work. But you don’t have to work alone in

【情報】Nintendo Switch 遊戲發售列表 @NS / Nintendo Switch …

 · SD 鋼彈 G 世代 創世 for Nintendo Switch 2021.3.25 SLG 中日 萬代南夢宮 X 時鐘裝置的地理線-彷徨於陽炎的魔女(時計仕掛けのレイライン – 陽炎に彷徨う魔女 -) 2021.3.25 AVG 日 dramatic create X 五等分的新娘∬~夏天的回憶也五等分~ 2021.3.25 AVG 日 X
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PC/Switch版「Tools Up!」が本日発売。リフォーム業者 …

Tools Up! Tools Up! 配信元 All In! Games 配信日 2019/12/05 家づくり協力ゲーム「Tools Up!」がNintendo SwitchおよびPC向けに日本で発売開始,夾手夾腳裝修屋企 …

《Overcooked》和《Catastronauts》等 Switch 4 人合作遊戲已推出一段時間,玩家要與友人合作一齊完成裝修。
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Tools Up! Critic Reviews for Switch
Tools Up! is the latest in co-op game to turn mundane jobs into a crazy and enjoyable experience designed to test friendships. With a few bug fixes and updates, it could become a mainstay in Nintendo Switch libraries. At its core, Tools Up is very endearing in its
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Couch co-op is back in Tools Up, coming to Switch in …

Krakow, Poland – May 15th, 2019. All in! Games and The Knights of Unity are proud to reveal that Tools Up, a top-down action game about fixing flats with friends, will launch in 2019 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Gather up to 4 players for
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Tools Up Available on the Nintendo Switch : …

I think it’s possible that Tools Up is trying to ride on the Overcooked’s fans’ anticipation for Moving Out. Finnish retailer sells almost 300 units of Nintendo Switch for 31,90€ by accident and decides to not correct the price and ships them anyways for holiday
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Co-op apartment renovation game Tools Up! …

Games and developer The Knights of Unity have announced Tools Up!, a four-player local co-op top-down action game about renovating apartments coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch…
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[心得] 過年健身環/tools up裝潢中 心得
過年也要結束了 剛好有帶去親戚家跟朋友家玩 來分享一下這兩款的心得吧 大部分他們都玩馬賽8跟馬派 我想讓他們試看看友情破壞遊戲tools up 果然對小孩子來說還是偏難 要教很久QQ (平均8.9歲) 到最後放棄惹一直吵著要我換遊戲 後來換玩健身環小孩反而很瘋XD 光是小遊戲就玩得滿身大汗 我兩三個
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Tools Up![Nintendo_Switch]
 · Nintendo Switch: Tools Up! パーティーゲーム All In! Games Knights of Unity プレイ人數,》登場,Training Strategy - Schema App Tools

Switch 多人合作新 Game《Tools Up

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