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Transaction: …

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Improved Transactions in Entity Framework 6 | DotNetCurry
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Transaction In MVC Using Entity Framework

EF Core 5: Building on the Foundation

 · EF Core 5 lets you do this without impacting the existing relationship or breaking a lot of code. With EF Core 5, you do need to create an explicit entity that maps to the join table, because you need somewhere to capture that additional data (referred to as a
entity framework - GET_FILESTREAM_TRANSACTION_CONTEXT() is null - Stack Overflow
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ADO.NET Entity Framework Transaction | Wriju's BLOG
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.NET Core 實驗室 - EF Core 與 Transaction-黑暗執行緒

Transaction in EF

 · What is advantage and disadvantage of using EF.Connection.BeginTransaction() and TransactionScope in Entity Framework. thanks Wednesday, October 29, 2008 4:09 PM Answers text/html 10/30/2008 8:31:33 AM pramodh 0 0 Sign in to vote
Using Entity Framework Core and Dapper in ASP.NET Core - Safe Transactions

Welcome to, WEB ZONE: Entity Framework (EF) …

 · Entity Framework (EF) TransactionScope vs Database.BeginTransaction In today blog post we will talk a little about a new feature that is available on EF6+ related to Transactions. Until now, when we had to use transaction we used ‘TransactionScope’.
SAP enhancement point transactions
Cleaning up EF 6 tests with Transaction Rollbacks
Cleaning up EF 6 tests with Transaction Rollbacks 2014-08-15 .Net You’ve set up Entity Framework, and you’ve even written integration tests against your code. Your tests create all kinds of sample data in your test database (you aren’t running integration tests
[Entity Framework] 如何讓 Stored Procedure 與原來 Entity Framework 的運作在同一個 Transaction 裡 - 傑士伯的IT學習之路

Using Entity Framework to Successfully Target Multiple …

Some EF-providers make it possible to customize rules for mapping numeric db-types to .NET-types when a since the values of these pseudo-columns are changed only after the transaction is saved
Using Entity Framework Core and Dapper in ASP.NET Core - Safe Transactions
Entity Framework (EF) Core Cache
However, high transaction .NET Core applications using EF Core face performance and scalability bottlenecks in the database-tier under peak loads. This is because although you can linearly scale the application tier by adding more application servers, you cannot add more database servers to scale it.
Asp.net core 學習筆記 ( ef core transaction scope & change level ) - 興杰 - 博客園

Transaction com EF

Pessoal estou com dúvidas como usar o transaction com EF, sem o EF eu passa o transaction por parametro entre os metodos que iam interagir com o banco. Agora estou usando uma aplicação em camadas com EF, Como posso aplicar o transaction?
sql server - EF Core LINQ with conditional JOIN - Stack Overflow

Question: How to run EF migrations on production …

In many cases you will want a script, potentially to hand off to a DBA etc. But there are also scenarios where letting EF run migrations can be acceptable – in the context of ASP.NET Core, the code @gdoron shared is the right way to do this. The built-in publish
.NET Core 實驗室 - EF Core 與 Transaction-黑暗執行緒

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