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chip on one’s shoulder
 · Noun [edit] chip on one’s shoulder (plural chips on one’s shoulder) A form of challenge, in the same spirit as a medieval knight throwing down his gauntlet.1830, The Onondaga Standard, Syracuse NY, 8 December: ‘Oh! if I only could get him to knock a chip off my shoulder, and so get round the law, I would give him one of the soundest thrashings he ever had.’
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Chip On One’s Shoulder, Synonyms and Antonyms
Chip on one’s shoulder: an inclination to fight or quarrel. Synonyms: aggression, aggressiveness, assaultiveness… Antonyms: nonaggression, pacifism… Find the right word. SINCE 1828 GAMES BROWSE THESAURUS WORD OF THE DAY WORDS AT PLAY
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Having a chip on your shoulder is good, if it’s the right …

 · Having a chip on your shoulder is not only good for motivating you, and pushing you to take risks, and put in the hard yards, it also prevents people from becoming smug, arrogant or complacent. It’s not often said but I recall the word ‘arrogant’ being used a lot when I was younger (perhaps it was used about me I guess!).
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chip on one’s shoulder A form of challenge in the same spirit as a medieval knight throwing down his gauntlet. Rate it: (0.00 / 0 votes) chip on one’s shoulder A habitually combative attitude, usually because of a harboured grievance, sense of inferiority, or having
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What is another word for “chip on your shoulder”?

Synonyms for chip on your shoulder include aggressiveness, aggression, combativeness, truculence, bellicosity, belligerence, feistiness, militance, militancy and pugnacity. Find more similar words at …
Eric Church quote: I have a huge chip on my shoulder.
英文成語have a chip on one’s shoulder 是甚麼意思? 對學英文的華人來說這句話十分難懂, 因為無法根據英文定義了解它的中文意思,所以市面上的翻譯語意有落差,通常,碰到這種英文成語,都需要看整篇文章才能了解意思, 不能只看獨立例句: 心裡 (很) 不平衡。
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Chip on Shoulder
按一下以在 Bing 上檢視0:22 · 3d Animation made with blender 2.92Written by Inocencio Garcia& Cas SimmonsAnimated by Cas Simmons
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The Weather Station – Chip On My Shoulder Lyrics
Oh this chip on my shoulder I know it so well, sure as the backs of my hands I try to be gracious, for all its demands As gentle and kind as I can Oh all of them loved me because I was empty And they saw in me something they could feed ‘Cause we’re And the
John Hancock quote: A chip on the shoulder is too heavy a piece...
he has got a chip on his shoulder, British English
 · A person who has “a chip on his shoulder” is angry because of some thing that happened in the past. Example: “He lost his game this morning, and now he has a chip on his shoulder.” It is easy for a person to get in a fight when he has a chip on his shoulder
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Tłumaczenie słowa ‘to have a chip on your shoulder’ i wiele innych tłumaczeń na polski – darmowy słownik angielsko-polski. Przykłady użycia – “to have a chip on your shoulder” po polsku Poniższe tłumaczenia pochodzą z zewnętrznych źródeł i mogą być
? Chip on their shoulder. Cowboys playing with a chip on their shoulder. 2019-02-03

chip on shoulder meaning, definition, examples, origin, …

chip on shoulder Meaning: holding a grudge or grievance a perceived sense of inferiority being angry because of something that happened in the past habitually combative attitude take offence easily Example: He’s always picking up fights with everyone. He seems to
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‘I have a chip on my shoulder because I think it is uncalled for that I get dog’s abuse in every game, year after year.’ ‘But having to break into America certainly is annoying, and it is sort of something I’ve got a chip on my shoulder about.’ ‘Maybe I have a chip on
? Chip on their shoulder. Cowboys playing with a chip on their shoulder. 2019-02-03

Why a Chip on Your Shoulder is Mandatory for …

You need a chip on your shoulder to maximize self-discipline and consistency.Without an intrinsic purpose, attention to detail wavers and eventually ceases.The reason why we give up so quickly is because we do not have a strong enough purpose to stay the course, especially when complications arise.There are days where we might not feel like doing anything. That is natural – our state is often

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