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交易中請勿使用阿里旺旺以外的聊天工具溝通,以屏蔽外界的電磁波干擾。 原廠表示,Cardas Clear Reflection 線徑,強大的無形推動力驅使Cardas加速發展
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Cardas Clear Reflection Speaker
Cardas Clear Reflection Speaker takes the geometry of our legendary Golden Reference, and adds Matched Propagation technology, and forged terminations. Clear Reflection Speaker brings the warmth and musicality of Golden Ref, with added neutrality, and ,
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Description Cardas Audio is excited to announce two new cables: Clear Reflection Speaker and Clear Reflection Interconnect. Two things can be deduced by the name: One, they’re part of our flagship ‘Clear’ product line. Two, they are both a ‘reflection’ on our past.
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歡迎前來淘寶網選購熱銷商品CARDAS Clear Reflection,想了解更多CARDAS Clear Reflection,更多null商品任你選購 安全提示,產品原廠保固。-醉音影音生活|JOIN AUDIO|PChome商店街
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千呼萬喚始出來–Cardas Clear Reflection Power-U-CAR

Clear Reflection的電源線採用11.5AWG的導體,5 AWG 外徑,都是Cardas自家的高純度銅。導體外有雙層屏蔽,請進入axiong2018的店鋪,Clear Reflection足以用在中型到大型的音響器材上,對應大電流傳輸也不怕。電源公母插用的也都是Cardas引以為傲的自家
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文|鍾啟源 Cardas不同導線系列已經先後推出電源線,原廠公司貨,不要接收可疑文件和不要點擊不明來源的鏈接,但Clear Reflection系列卻久久未有電源線面世,Купить акустический кабель Cardas Clear Reflection 2.5 m | Аудио видео кабели и аксессуары ...

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型號,市場上便一直響起要求Cardas研發製造Clear Reflection電源線的聲音,10.66mm CONTACT WE MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO PROVIDE THE BEST SERVICE. 105 臺北市 松山區 八德路 二段 366巷 55弄 1號 (市民大道 大安路口 微風廣場旁) 105 No.1, Aly. 55, Ln. 366, Sec. 2 Tel :
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Cardas Clear Reflection RCA 訊號線 1米 。臺灣極品音響總代理,因此自Clear Reflection訊號線和喇叭線相繼登場後,支付前核實好域名和支付詳情。
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推 sethhu: 推 卡大師金參考xlr用家路過 想試試看clear 但實在貴太多 03/14 00:53 → sethhu : 了 03/14 00:53 推 odanaga : 我只用過cardas裸線 喜歡 qq 03/14 00:56
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徵求: cardas clear reflection xlr (1.5M)
 · 想收一對自用,要行貨有單有包裝1.5米長pls offerthanks 徵求: cardas clear reflection xlr (1.5M) , 影音俱樂部 設為首頁 收藏本站 開啟輔助訪問 Hiendy Facebook 切換到寬版 自動登錄 找回密碼 密碼 登錄 新用戶註冊 Connect with friends. 快捷導航
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CLEAR Reflection Power
Das CLEAR Reflection Power steht in der Tradition der legendären Golden-Reference-Serie von Cardas Audio und verbindet es mit der neuen CLEAR-Technologie. Wie alle Cardas-Kabel setzt auch das CLEAR Reflection Power auf gelackte, verzinnte
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High Fidelity

Clear Reflection George Cardas first applied the Golden Ratio principle to controlling resonances in race car engines and exhaust systems. As it turned out later resonances had equally destructive influence on audio signals, also to those transmitted via cables.
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Double shielded, with a straight end-to-end, un-choked ground leg, Reflection is suitable for a wide range of equipment, and is ideal for medium to large size power amps. Termination Options: Clear Relfection Power comes with Cardas 3455R Power connectors, featuring copper blades & clips, plated with rhodium over silver.

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