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(PDF) The Individual Consistency of Acquiescence and Extreme Response Style in Self-Report Questionnaires

Acquiescence bias

 · Acquiescence bias is a category of response bias in which respondents to a survey have a tendency to agree with all the questions or to indicate a positive connotation. Acquiescence is sometimes referred to as “yea-saying” and is the tendency of …
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Acquiescence Bias definition
Acquiescence Bias Acquiescence bias is a cognitive bias that finds survey respondents have a tendency to agree with statements made in a survey. This is especially prominent when the statement is a “truism” or there is some doubt as to the correct answer.
Survey Response Bias: 3 Most Harmful Biases (& How To Avoid Them)
Response bias
Acquiescence bias, which is also referred to as “yea-saying”, is a category of response bias in which respondents to a survey have a tendency to agree with all the questions in a measure.[14] [15] This bias in responding may represent a form of dishonest reporting because the participant automatically endorses any statements, even if the result is contradictory responses.
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10 Types of Study Bias
3: Acquiescence Bias People want to be thought of as likeable, so if you are asking about a controversial subject, the questions need to be framed in a way that suggests that all …
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Acquiescence as a source of bias and model and person …

Despite such advantages, researchers note that acquiescence bias is generally a minor residual factor and, on average, would not be expected to substantively impact scale scores (Ferrando
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Extreme and acquiescence bias in a bi-ethnic population …

Multiple logistic regression models were run for the total population with extreme bias or acquiescence bias as the dependant variable. Arabs vs. Jews (Arabs were coded as 2 and Jews were coded as 1), education (as a categorical variable with less than a high school education as the reference) and age as a continues variable were added to the model as independent variables.
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Acquiescence and Social Desirability: Psychometric …

 · Acquiescence refers to the tendency to agree with all personality items, regardless of the content of the item. If acquiescent response bias is operating, it is easy to see how this would
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Improving the Factor
 · PDF 檔案acquiescence bias, or the tendency for respondents to endorse the item regardless of its content (Ray, 1983). This response style is to be distinguished from carelessness or confusion, in that the respondent is presumed to have understood the meaning of
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Much ado about acquiescence: The relative validity …

Acquiescence response bias, or the tendency to agree with questions regardless of content, is a prominent concern in survey design. An often proposed solution, and one that was recently implemented in the American National Election Study, is to rewrite response options so that they tap directly into the dimensions of the construct of interest.
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How to Reduce the Risk of Response Bias in Your …

Acquiescence bias and dissent bias is likely to be an issue if the majority of your survey questions are multiple-choice. Rather obviously, the best way to avoid this response bias is to use a mixture of multiple-choice and open-ended questions. The Likert Scale
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acquiescence 中文 可以是冷漠或默許. ——期刊摘選. Waiver or acquiescence presupposes that the person to be bound is fully cognizant of his rights. 放棄或者默許的權利應當是從當事人已充分認識他的權利為前提. ——期刊 … 英文: New Delhi’s acquiescence to
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Acquiescence to a Boundary Line
 · Acquiescence for a statutory period – If one landowner treats a line as the dividing line between the property for the amount of time required by statute without objection from the neighbor, this line will become the legal boundary. The statutory period is usually
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Avoiding the 7 types of sampling and response survey bias

4. Acquiescence bias: When it’s all about “yes” While it’s always wonderful to hear you’re awesome, sometimes, you might wonder if it’s true. If all of your survey results come back positive, it could be a result of acquiescence bias, or the “yes-man” phenomenon.

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